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Building the world's biggest cooperative


Some facts. The market for camel products has a huge potential. Unfortunately, there is a lack of public awareness and much of the potential of the worlds herds remains and will remain untapped without structural changes, alliances, universal promotion and official recognition. By observing those facts, Issa J. VICTOR, owner of Carajmel sarl company which is specialized in manufacturing camels products in the Sahara, had the vision to create a decentralized worldwide program by using the blockchain technology. This will be the begining of an adventure and challenge, connecting ancestral ways of growing animals and producing natural needs with one of the latest modern technology, the alliance of 2 opposite worlds to improve the position of camelids market as well as creating new income-generating activities in particular areas in need. Developping and protecting every little brewer or producer worlwide by building the worlds biggest decentralized cooperative, THE CAMELCOIN PROJECT. Watch Explanation VIDEO

February 2021

The Camelcoin project is launched. A first explicative white paper is written, edited and translated into 6 langages to touch a worldwide public. Issa J. VICTOR is building a international team to care of the main works, creating the Camelcoin token (CML) on the ethereum blockchain, creating a first well designed website and to turn on social networks activities. He is also building trust links in the camel world as in the cryptocurrency universe to give the project the needed reliability in both domains. The private sale could begin and the firsts lucky investors entered the adventure with a only 0,25$ CML.

March 2021

By searching, phoning, explaining... And especially because the soul of the project is right and can solve worldwide common problematics, Dr. Bernard FAYE, considered as the world's best camelids expert, the camelologist, strong from his 35 years of experience and contacts, joined the camelcoin team as a special consultant. This enrolment incredibly improved the impact of the project in the camel world as in the crypto world who could see how serious the project is. Dr. Bernard FAYE is also the head of The CamelMilk Project and the ISOCARD Federation (The International Society of Camelid Research and Development) which both became official partners of the Camelcoin project. And it was just a begining...

April 2021

During the private presale of the camelcoin token, some interesting contacts have been made and some leaded to strong partnerships. That was the case with Enoch Crypto Management. Enoch's CEO Alex DESCARRIERES understood clearly the ethic and the potential of the camelcoin project and entered the team as commercial director, full of his reliability and awareness of the crypto market. An alliance is born. Watch VIDEO

15 May 2021

The true begining of the camelcoin's journey! A really enthousiatic event for all the team and the investors of the private sale... The worlwide public will be able to buy camelcoins during 5 rounds (each round increasing the selling value of CML). Some buyers will receive their CML tokens straight to their truswallet or metamask wallets while most of investors will make the choice to stak them within the team to get bonuses at the launch of the ecosystem and avoid a listing dump. All ICO buyers have KYC (Know Your Customer) so they can benefit special advantages to reward their early trust in the project. No way back, strengh and endurance to the goal! Watch VIDEO

June 2021

Development of worldwide communication, video explainers, presence to events, creating relations and partnerships. Despite of coronavirus and the travels difficulties, the team made a great work to build a strong community. The ICO has to convinced and create a link between two worlds. The world of cryptocurrency that don't know nothing about camels and the world of camels that don't know anything about blockchain technology. High challenge, more highly achieved! Watch VIDEO

August 2021

During summer 2021, the camelcoin team begun to support some selected projects that entered in contact with them. That's how begun our adventures helping camelis to make camel's milk powder in Morocco, finding solutions and financing Issane Namniss in Mali to improve dry camel meat production in the area of Tombouctou, sharing knowledge with al khalis in Pakistan to save the familial factory and some more in Tchad, Somalia, Ethiopia etc... And that was just a begining. Watch VIDEO

2 Sept 2021

After ending contract with the first development director Sarah KOURRAD for personnal reasons, the faith made the wonder happen for the camelcoin project. CEO Issa J. VICTOR get in touch with Lucas KACEM, himself CEO of the worldwide trusted development company, DigitalUnicorn. After several long talks and a shared enthousiasm, Lucas entered the camelcoin team and Bryan TRUONG became the chief development officer, directing a team of 25 to 50 full time developpers working on the CameLink blockchain and its whole ecoystem. A second alliance was born!

21 Sept 2021

Francoise DUREUIL is the president of Dromacity and also of the French Federation of Camels. She's actually the only woman in the world to have this status in the worldwide camel federation. Speaking often with her about what to improve in the camel world and how to be trusted by isolated populations slowly slowly, a true partnership, sharing same ethic and values, begun to rise. Camel's world is already organized and everyone is making his little business on his side, taking the opportunity of some events to show what he's able to... Just missimg a strong push, a common effort to connect everybody to the same goal, by the strengh of love for camels, to edit a new camel world, a worlwide cooperative with a place for everyone and totally decentralized. Together we can! We acted the alliance! Watch VIDEO

October 2021

Strong from our partnerships and the confidence of our investors, the whole camelcoin's project ecosystem could have been thought and written. Bryan and Issa worked hard together to push the limits of acutal technology and create a innovative decentralized "easy to use" system. CameLink will run as a proof of stak blockchain. Camelcoin's will finance projectc and generate incomes for every actors. The Hump Application, the heart of the system will act as a crypto wallet but also as a trackimg application and an access to all camelzone platform options. CamelZone will be the international connexion for peer to peer ethical fairtrade with a special NFT creation area for the valuables or for camels sponsorship. Watch VIDEO

November 2021

At this time of the ICO and while the fundamentals works has been done or are running, the project is solid and trustfull enough to increase communication. Sponsoring innovative sport events seemed to be a way. As the camelcoin project aims to disrupt the camel world and fight for humans and animals rights, the C1-championship seemed to be perfect for that. The first women camel race championship in the United Arab Emirates. We were proud to offer the organisation new equipments also much more confortable for the camels. Go girls!!! We also offer sponsorship to a team of the worldwide known Rallye Aicha des Gazelles composed with Sarah RAFIK and Nawel KADI, incredible fearless girls with th hope to change life of children with this race. In fact the race is the most ecological and ethical car race in the world. You can actually help the girls achieve their mission with a donation here Les etoiles du desert (the desert stars). You can also buy camelcoins with the promo code GAZELLES2022 and we'll add 50% bonus of your amount for the NGO they are fighting for.

4 Dec 2021

For the end of this hard working year, french and moroccan press gave us a wonderfull surprise by speaking about us and our project without telling the team. What a gift. Read it HERE

25 Dec 2021

The end of year 2021 was definitely full of surprises when Issa J. VICTOR met the great maroccan's movie director Mariam AIT BELHOCINE in the city of Laayoune in Sahara. She understood the values and the potential of the project and decided to take part of the marketing of this adventure, so some awesome movies about the project are going to rise with an international impact. Fasten your seatbelts!

January 2022

Run run run, but keep your head on your shoulders. The new website is getting ready, the final details are made with the exchange platforms, everything is getting ready to optimize the final step. The team is exhausted, happy and enthousiast with of course a little bit of fear. Fortunately our awesome investors are here to give everybody some good vibes and energy, and other happy new investors are taking the last occasion to get in early and benefit the ICO's advantages! Watch VIDEO

24 Jan 2022

An important business trip to Emirates with the president of Dromacity! Last meeting with our commercial director before listing, visiting farms and sharing knowledge, first administrative actions to open a holding and a central office, meeting with our official consultants Dr Raziq KAKAR and Dr Ilse KOHLER-ROLLAFSON, watching the first camel race of the year and distribute prices, important contracts to sign etc.... A marathon travel unfortunately cancelled due to coronavirus and morocco's borders closed! We are used to work at distance, but some things can't be done without presence. Hope to fly soon!

1st Feb 2022

The moment everybody wait! with love, hope or fears, but wait!
The listing will begun as previous at the price of 2$. The launching strategy of marketing should work well and attract full of new buyers, especially with the reputation of those two first platforms. ICO investor should not sell what will create almost instantly a rise of the camelcoin price. Hold, Hold, Hold... the future is ours and the best is to come. Strengh and endurance, as the camels we are!

February 2022

Due to covid 19 restrictions in the world and especially in Morocco, our CEO could not travel to finish up some contracts and opening the holding in time. Also some investors had late programs and money tranfers. So instead of wasting time and money in an ephemere listing, we decided, in accord with the exchanges, to postpone the launch of camelcoin to the market. It is the right and clearest deision for the sake of the project and the best for our investors.

15 Feb 2022

As you know, Camelcoin token has been build first on ethereum blockchain, which is reliable but with really high fees and really slow. of course it was just a temporary solution while waiting for our own CameLink blockchain. Strategically, we decided to sign a contract with cardano and to switch blockchain for many reasons. First the low fees and the high scalability. But also because cardano's blockchain is ethical and ecological and working for the development of Africa. In add, we can developp our ecosytem around cardano in a really more efficient way so it will let us more time to developp an incredible blockchain later on. More, the cardano community will join the project and give us a better launch than we could ever hope.

March 2022

Financing and developping more programs, lobbying with authorities to facilitate camel products import and export, sharing knowledge, startibg to be THE essential partner in the camel world as well as being THE essential coin in the wallet of every crypto holder.

May 2022

After a checkup of all ongoing projects and the multiplication of partnerships due to the communication and marketing, we will make a general inventory of all available productsand begin to install the trackimg systems on them as to form people how to use it... another step to the worls biggest cooperative.

July 2022

Creation of a big camelcoin event for the launching of the whole ecosystem and the listing on one of the most prestigious exchange platform, KuCoin. Date and place can't be decided yet while borders opening and closing are still unexpectable.

December 2022

First sharing of CamelZone profits between all holders, meeting for the camelcoin foundation creation and preparing year 2023 with great ideas! Road to 2024, United Nations year of the Camel, The Camelcoin's Project consecration!