Highly Secured

Totally decentralized, you own your seed phrase and your key. Unbreakable system and the safiest way to keep your assets.

Easily Managable

With a revolutionary ergonomical design, you can manage your assets, your NFTs and your orders with one hand, fast and clear.

Trust Label

With the connexion to ADA market cap app, you can fast check tokens and projects to avoid scams or illegal assets, more protection because safety make happy.


The Camelcoin's team ADA MARKET CAP website and app will allow you to follow your favourites listed assets and participate to exclusives IDOs and ICOs!
Projects listed on ADA market cap and double judged as SAFE and HIGH POTENTIAL by the team & the community will see their logo appear on THE HUMP app as well as their asset price reference. ADA Market Cap will not be just another market cap option but a real TRUSTLABEL for cardano's projects.

Our Features

Discover a complete and easy to use ecosystem for all cardano related products, NFTS, native assets, polcyid, tokens, scan, projects, ranks, orders, and much more!

NFTs minting

Mint brand new NFTs with revolutionnary options connected to the real market on the Cardano blockchain and get straigth acces to "on app" marketplace.


Connected to the Cardano market cap you can easy check the reliability of your assets and the projects you invest on.

Speed and reliance

The Hump is easy to use and the fastest decentralized app for sending and receiving all cardano assets with lower fees.

Staking options

Stack all of your favorite assets in a easy way and choose your timings to get the best rewards and increase your wallet value. Staking as easy as breathing!


The Hump is a totally decentralized wallet, meaning you are the ONLY owner of your assets by owning the unique Key as a seed phrase.

Order and track

You can check, order and track porducts straight from the app and of course pay with your favourites assets.

Native assets

Awesome projects

Daily transactions


Revolutionary Design

Have yourself a look on the easy to use and awesome ergonomy of The Hump.


The Hump in video

Warranty yourself a safety travel to the crypto world.

Download THE HUMP!
(After July Cardano Maj)

and get access to a huge world of cardano assets, from cryptos to NFTs in only one expert place!

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