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The camelcoin team aims to create and develop a cryptocurrency (Camelcoin), design its own information exchange network (CameLink blockchain) and facilitate the democratization and recognition of camel products in the world. This triple solution will collectively help support the economic development of all activities around camelids, stimulate innovation in all sectors of these activities (food, cosmetics, tourism, textiles, sports, etc.) and improve the position of these markets globally as well as create new income generating activities in particular areas in need.

Camelcoin is a crypto currency created with the aim of developing economic activities of camel products in the world and their impact on disadvantaged rural areas both in terms of employment and human and ecological development. It guarantees secure financing for development projects as well as traceability of funds to avoid any kind of deviation whatsoever thanks to blockchain technology. It will also serve as a trustlabel for animal well being and fairtrade services to protect nomads culture, ecology and cultural preservation being the guidelines of the project.


Hello, I am A Camel And I can do A lot for You

Camels are fascinating animals sharing life of humanity since its begining. Other than being the best transportation for the long travels within desertic areas like the silk road, they also can provide a lot of needs. Milk, Meat, Wool and Hides, all of them of excellent quality and really specific vertues. Long time well used, then forgotten by the world, camels products are going to back. The camelcoin project prepare the field so camels ressources will not be over exploited and the incomes will be straight to the breeders in isolated areas, protecting and animals and ways of life.

Name : Genus Camelus (ship of the desert)
Weight : 400kg to 700kg
Height : Around 2m
Adress : Empty spaces worldwide, mostly desert
Providing : Milk, Meat, Wool, Hides and Smiles
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Our Services

To achieve these big challenges and goals, the camelcoin team has launched several projects working together to support, promote, and gain recognition for camel products globally as well as to strengthen innovations and their impact on a still fledgling economy. Camelcoin is a crypto currency created with the aim of developing economic activities of camel products in the world and their impact on disadvantaged rural areas both in terms of employment and human and ecological development. It guarantees secure financing for development projects as well as traceability of funds to avoid any kind of deviation whatsoever thanks to blockchain technology. By encouraging new businesses, Camelcoin provides a solid foundation for them togrow quickly, securely and inexpensively. Allowing these businesses to use the camelcoin database and CameLink provides a solid ecosystem for new entrepreneurs to grow quickly and learn about blockchain technology safely. This will allow Camelcoin to establish itself as a benchmark economic token with long-term value. CameLink will provide strategic partnerships, professional advice, legal and health information , etc. The benefits for camel players will be many:

Seed Capital To Support And Launch Their First Business Models
Security And Protection through CameLink's legal and health services
Access to comparative data on the camLink blockchain with industry competitors while avoiding conflicts of interest
An existing digital ecosystem
Strong Market Strategy
Networking Talent, Creators, And Professionals

In conclusion, CamelCoin is the missing link to the global growth of the entire camel product industry. Thanks to blockchain technology, it will ensure quality actors, from breeders to distributors, who, through a short and responsible circuit, will allow a new clientele to enjoy the virtues that come straight from the deserts of the world. While benefiting from a label of excellence of quality and indisputable, a new monitoring and new affordable rates. Thanks to the global network of the CameLink Blockchain and the strong increase in production.


By sharing knowledge, the camelcoin project will improve conditions of hygienic preparation for camel's products, it will also allow to diversify products in all areas.


By organising the whole chain of work as a cooperative with limited intermediaries and fairtrade transactions, the reliability of all partners will improve and CameLink will act as a trustlabel.

Time Improvement

Building solid chains of work with timed scheduled and precision of traceability will avoid waste of time and energy as confidence in the project even from very far areas.


By helping camels breeders to produce, transform, conserve and transport camel's products, the locals economy will rise and improve life of thousands of people whilw preserving their culture.

Providing Tools

Giving some tools to isolated projects is necessary, a truck, a machine, some gloves... small things can easily improve conservation and transportation of products.


Using blockchain technology and its easy access to everyone will greatly improve services. Each one has to sign at each step of conception and transportation for a 100% trust service.

Valuable Activities

Camels can have a lot of differents sources of incomes pending of the areas
Duplicate them and improve them will be the way to create economical activities worldwide in lost areas.


first class

Camel milk has several scientifically-proven health benefits and properties, including: Insulin-like factors that prevent a spike in blood sugar. Its milk sugar (lactose) is easier to digest than that of cow milk. Has a non-inflammatory type of casein protein. Has colostrum-like properties thanks to lactoferrin and immunoglobulins. Is packed with micronutrients, including calcium, potassium and B vitamins.

High Quality

Due to global climat change, camel meat might become very soon next generation favourite meal. Meat of the camel taste like beef and its texture depends on the age of the animal.
Having livestocks of camels growing natural wild is a way to ensure high quality of meat with ethical treatment.

Variety of

Pending of the area and the equipment, camel milk can easily be transformed almost everywhere so it can also be easily conserve and transport with more delays than raw milk. Jam, cheese, chocolate, powder, caramel etc.. are some exemples of camel milk transformation possibilities.


High Virtues

Camel milk is recognized as highly healthy for skin protection. But oil from the camel's fat can also be used. Therapeutics and high-class cosmetics can be developped from camels with a low cost simple laboratory, like face cream, soaps, massage oils, hair lotions, scrubs, shampoos or other skin protection products. Beauty and welness from the desert are absolutely not just a legend!

Thermal Isolation

As one of the best adaptative animal to all weathers, camels developp a particulary efficient wool. Easy to spin in any place, camel wool clothes can be a new marjet for cold places. But the wool can also be transformed inti isolation systems for buidings, ecological, ethical, cheap and efficient.

Higly Strong
Leather and Paper

Camel's hide is known to be one of the best but it is clearly under exploited. Recycling hides from camels killed for meat will increase by a cooperative collecting system. Surprisingly, the paper is made with camel's poo! Yes POO! The technic comes from India and can be shared worldwide.


Open Public
Camel's Races

Camels races are known since the begining of humanity. More known in arabic countries, camel races are begining to interest more and more in the western world mostly because of the emirates attraction for foreigners. The CamelZone NFT platform will allow to buy and sell valuable racing camels with high security of transfert and traceability of the whole descendants of camels with DNA based NFTs.

Great Souvenir

Riding the hump of a camel is very fun. And it's collecting awesome souvenirs. Camelcoin's certified tourism camels will ensure a well being of those animals and to encourage owners to improve animal treatment, their incomes will be rised by a NFT collection on the camelzone platform.

Wordwide Recognized
Riding Schools

As we said before, riding camels is fun and also sport. So why not democratizing camels riding activities worldwide with also a teaching of nomads wise spririt and way of life. Camelcoin's camel riding schools will offer high value training and other educational activities.

Some Products

Here are some samples of products that can be made from camels. All products, even from the most isolated areas, after some design and marketing improvements, will be sold on the CamelZone e-commerce platform. Bio, Natural, Pure, Ethic, Fairtrade...

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  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Textiles


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Our Ethical Supports

For sure the camelcoin team could not achieve all of this wor alone. Fortunatly, our goals have been understood by the most eminents camels experts who are very attached to nomads culture and life being conservation. They all accepted to be part of the adventure and are giving us precious advising and contacts worlwide.

Dr Abdul Raziq KAKAR camel livestocks expert


The world's most eminent camel livestocks expert, Dr KAKAR travels around the worls since years to find ancestral solutions to solved modern problematics.

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Dr Ilse KOHLER-ROLLEFSON Ethnoveterinary


Scientist known for championing pastoralism, Ethnoveterinary medicine and camels with special reference to India.

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Dr Bernard FAYE Global Camelids expert


Scientific project manager in animal production sector at the International Cooperation Centre for agronomic Research in Development and currently International camel expert at FAO.

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