ICO Rounds

Investing in Camelcoin during the rounds of the ICO automatically allow an entry to the whitelist.
Being on the whitelist procure several benefits as special contacts with the team, bonuses and VIP informations.


Token Distribution

Here are some of the mains informations concernig the camelcoin token on ethereum blockchain before it's switch to th CameLink blockchain. Most of those main functions will stay after that. There is a 170 Million token limited supply and half of the ICO's unsold supply will be burned and no more token will be edited. Anti whale and security lock system are made to avoid a massive sell and a dump after listing while waiting for the deployment of our own global ecosystem. A bonus system will be unlock after listing so all holders will be rewarded at the switch to CameLink.

Name : CamelCoin (CML)
Smartcontract : 0910961aa7c9bc105fe3ed3b9fae2df4fa3e5838c22c143f92726545
Cardanoscan : view on cardanoscan.io
Supply minted : 40 000 000
Max Total supply : 170 000 000
Purchase method : BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT
Soft Cap 5M $ : Hard Cap 75M $
KYC (Know your customer) : YES
Whitelist : YES
Min/Max personal cap : 125$ / 100K $ (anti whale system)
Lock Security : YES (anti dump system)
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Reason for the success of
Camelcoin Crypto-economy

Like all economic systems, ours is based on supply and demand. The business model of the project is to increase the distribution and customer base by generating profits, which depends on the distribution/demand ratio of customers and the volume of daily transactions use. Therefore, the main objective of the Camelcoin's crypto~economy is to effectively manage the distribution of its services and their users


CameLink Blockchain

Our innovative high performance POS blockchain will allow fast and numerous transactions with very low fees. It will also control our whole ecosystem, securising and tracking products to ensure ethical and fairtrade commerce by using a simple phone app, The Hump.

The Hump App

This "easy to use" wallet app will allow everyone to safely keep and stake camelcoins as well as farming other future tokens from our ecosystem. The Hump will also be a tracking and scanning app for all users, from producers to buyers on our e-commerce platform CamelZone.

CamelZone Platform

The world's first crypto-friendly e-commerce platform. All partners will sell their products peer to peer worldwide to ensure the best fairtrade service. CamelZone will also offer an NFT securised area for the exchange of item of value. Totally decentralized, all the profits of the platform will be shared between camelcoins holders and the camelcoin foundation.


Volume Strategy

All partners of the camelcoin project will sell their products on the camelzone platform and accept camelcoin (CML) as way of paiement for the minimum of 5% to 25% of their turnover. This will ensure daily transactions volumes and strategically increase camelcoin's utility value.

Staking Options

The Hump wallet app will allow interesting staking options from the first camelcoin (CML) holded in the wallet. Holders will receive monthly rewards, amount of the rewards pending of the holded amount of camelcoins. This will increase camelcoins rarety and consequently it's price.

200 Smartcontract Limited

By the limitation and the quality control of smartcontracts creation on our blockchain, CameLink will be the first trustlabel blockchain and crypto ecosystem. Only projects with same value and ethic will be approved and those will sell their products on camelzone platform, diversifying products and users, increasing volumes again.

Our Productions Activities

Since the beginning of the project, Camelcoin already developed several activities worldwide and will go on to share its knowledge to fulfill its goal, create more and more activities around camelids and develop strong partnerships worlwide.
We are mostly present with camel milk's food transformation and conservation improvements in Morocco, Tchad, Mali, Pakistan... With Textile divisions in Europe, Australia, India... With Cosmectics in Morocco, Pakistan, Ethiopia... With Sports in Emirates, Lybia, Tunisia.... And MORE!...

  • Milk/Food
  • Programs
  • Cosmetics
  • Sports


Projects Funding


Security Reserve


CameLink Development




Legal Works


Team & Partners


Total Supply


Soft Cap

Official Alliances

Other than partnerships, we also built strong and powerfull alliances.
For the best of the project development, full part of the camelcoin team.

September 2, 2021 | Development


Up to 50 professionnal developpers working full-time for the project and taking care of the whole ecosystem, especially CameLink.

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September 21, 2021 | Logistic


Strong pillar of the project with a presence in more than 5 countries as an experiment trusted camels and nomads expert.

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March 31, 2021 | Marketing


Strategic early partner for the development of a strong community, Enoch Crypto management ensure its reliable performances.

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